High Sneakers for male, yay or nay?

As I was watching through Fashion Police at E! earlier today, I came across this topic. I know this fashion has been around for decades since the early 90s wore by Hip Hop stars and Rappers, but in this decade, it took a more softer turn and everyone is wearing it, you could literally say every guy has a pair.




Celebrities are wearing them as well, from the famous boyband One Direction!


 Zayn (middle) and Niall (Corner Left) rocking out their sneakers even in a rather formal event!


Usher with a red sneakers!

Even females are wearing them!


What’s your take on these high wedges shoes? Do you like this trend? Should it stop? Or would you get one?

I wouldn’t deny having one, personally I love the high wedges shoes! In fact I sometimes even try to match my outfit with the shoes! Yup, check out my Nike down below.


What do you guys think of this style?


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