Lady Gaga turned 27!

Happy 27th Birthday Lady Gaga! (March 28, 2013)

How can she be 27 only? I know everyone’s gonna question that! Well, I won’t say I’m a top fan of Lady Gaga, though some of her music is catchy which I like. Since it’s her birthday, why not I talk about her, maybe I could create a category about stylish celebrities and talk about their fashion taste.

Lady Gaga’s fashion has been a talking topic since I could barely remember, it was more on her daring fashion taste that she wears stuff no one in the sane mind would and that’s what make her unique! Good or bad, you guys can be the judge of that.

A scroll through memory lane of her outfits which catches my attention. I actually do find some of her dresses and fashion are simply beautiful, but not all of them though. When Gaga just came out, her fashion statement was out of control, I mean literally her dress was not practical at all!


Who could forget her MTV video music award at 2009? She couldn’t speak anything through that veil!


The following year 2010 MTV video music award, do I even need to comment on this? You will be eaten by zombies from Miami. Not practical at all!


Some could debate this Theirry Mugler Ensemble is nice, but the shoes are so not practical, yup, I use the word practical alot, because part of fashion is about practicality. The hair, NO! But the dress is actually quite nice, interesting, I must say.




Ornate Alexander Mcqueen gown and headdress. I like the dress, but not sure about the headdress though.


This Ilincic Teal-and-Fuchsia dress with a Dr. Seus head piece looked like a sperm on her head and her nipples. =O


Yes, we saw lots of her bad dresses and fashion taste, but to me, over the years, I think she’s becoming more sophisticated in her dressing. In this 2011 press conference, she wore an Artsy Naeem Khan Gown, which I think suits her and it’s so sophisticated!


And who could forget her hairdo she made popular even in her music videos, it’s actually pretty, to me!


2012 was a great year of fashion for her, she looked amazing in this Atelier Versace Grecian Dress!


Her Maxi dress from May 16, 2012 is so sophisticated as well!

So yea, Lady Gaga might have commited many fashion crimes in the past, but I think she’s actually dressing more sophisticated and I would love to see what style she has installed for us.

My favourite dress of Gaga has to be:


Glinda The Good Witch-Inpired Armani Prive Piece. Yes, simply beautiful, not practical but amazing! I love it so much that I actually did one of my project based on this dress.


Project was to create a mask! I study architecture by the way!

Anyway, I wish her all the best in her career and have an awesome birthday! So what’s your favourite dress wore by Lady Gaga?


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