Did Justin Timberlake bring sexy back?

During 2006 when Justin Timberlake released his record Sexy Back, many may agree he brought sexy back. His album “FutureSex/LoveSounds” top the charts making people want more, but since then, he has been MIA in the music industry. Thank god recently, he released two new records, Suit and Tie & Mirrors. Mirrors rose up the charts and I suggest you guys go listen to it because it’s amazing (even though it’s totally out of fashion topic). Link is here. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uuZE_IRwLNI

Besides his music made a comeback, he definitely brought some sexy back in his fashion. I love Justin Timberlake’s fashion taste. He’s always so well-dressed and looking smart all the time. One of his significant fashion accessory is Fedora (His cap if you guys don’t know what it is). Apparently, he’s bringing fedoras back!




He even wore it for his performances.

Apparently it’s turning into a trend! Celebrities are all spotted wearing a fedora. What do you guys think of it? Would you wear one?


I personally think that fedora are hard to pull off and not everybody could wear one. Even so, wearing at the right occasion is virtue to me as well, because I could not imagine people wearing fedora for grocery shopping though. I actually don’t mind it, as long as the person could pull it off.

Here’s a tip though, why not style your hair before placing the fedora on? I tend to know people who wear cap trying to cover up messy hair. I think that hair should be styled even with cap/snapback/fedora on.


Who could forget Ryan Gosling fedora in Gangster Squad?

I ought to go out and get one soon to see whether does it fits me.


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