Is birds the new black?

Spring where all the flowers bloom and birds come out, well, at least for some part of the world. This spring, apparently birds are nesting on men’s clothing.

Rick Edwards on fashion, article on


Photo from

I find shirts like these are hard to pull off but it’s nice if a guy is willing to try pulling it off. For me, I try not to get shirts that have large “deco” on it, but just follow my instinct.

Shirts and bags with the birds on it kind of reminds me of what Topman would always come out with, it’s not your ordinary shirt that you see every guy would wear. That’s why European are much more well-dressed though, brands in the UK usually try something out of the ordinary.


I saw that shirt and told myself I have to have it! It’s like love at first sight. It’s flower-like design caught my eyes and it was not too extreme! I reckon every guy should have one of this kind of shirts. The easiest is to wear a chinos with it, don’t wear it with jeans! But that’s just my opinion, what’s yours? Would you get one?

Shirt: Topman

Shorts: Abercrombie and Fitch

Slippers: Birkenstock


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