Up by Jawbone

I understand that fashion may not be for every guys, which is fine. It’s like not every guys like cars but we need to have some knowledge about it, same goes for fashion. However, to keep my blog and post interesting, I decided that why not I add gadgets into my blog posts so we can talk about it. Hopefully I can cover 4 different topics weekly: outfit of the day, fashion news, what to get and one more gadgets/accessories.

Today I like to talk about a new gadget I got about a month ago from the united states. Up by Jawbone. It’s a bracelet like device that helps calculate the steps one take daily and the amount of sleep with a press of a button. Yup, it actually does that! It syncs with an app call Up by Jawbone available on IPhone and Andriod. Besides tabulating your data, you can key in the amount of calories intake that day and it will also provide you advice on health.

Basically it does:
✔ Track your sleep & physical activity
✔ Log your food & drink & track nutritional info
✔ Get insights to help you set & achieve your goals
✔ Set Smart Sleep Alarms to wake up refreshed
✔ Set Idle Alerts to remind you to move
✔ Team up with friends in the app and live better together



I actually find this very amazing because it can calculate the amount of light and deep sleep you have per day, not sure how accurate it is, but it’s still amazing. I believe with this gadgets, it will make people want to walk more and be healthier, even though not dramatically changing his or her lifestyle, but with slight changes. One of the reason is that the app will set a target of 10,000 steps per day, so we tend to take up the challenge to reach the goal, therefore making us walk more and burn more calories.

I’m all for health. No matter how much gym you go to, enough sleep is just as important. Here are a few closer look at the app itself. 


My daily sleep and steps, as shown I am not getting much sleep these days. Not a good sign.


The tips they gave me.

I talk about it’s functionality, but base on fashion point of view, where does this gadget stands? To me, I find the design is very attractive that could be wore for almost everything, it’s simple and mono-colour design makes it literally like a bracelet where we can wear to gym, class, dates and many more. However, it’s design maybe to casual for a formal event which I don’t recommend wearing to it, unless it’s perfectly covered under your long sleeve shirt. I’ve been wearing mine everyday, day and night though, I find it easy to match my watch and clothes since I got black, I guess in my point of view, it’s a yes! What do you guys think? Would you get it?


Pictures are from theiospost, lifeonmymobile, bloomberg and myself.


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