Should You Wear Deodorant?



See what I got a few days ago? Thanks dad for the deodorant! First, he did not get me because I stink! I actually use lots of perfume daily, haha! He had some extra laying around, therefore he gave me. Now I have a dilemma on whether which to use, Gucci Guilty or Escape by Calvin Klein.


I might as well take this opportunity to talk about deodorant. Should guys wear deodorant? I know the answer seemed obvious, but I know people who don’t wear it. Let me tell you my personal opinion on this topic.

Male often have a strong body odour which could be a NO for most female. The hair under the armpits also trap sweats and the smell would repel anyone away! I am sure that was why the deodorant was invented. Deodorant basically is to remove the smell to keep you smelling fresh throughout the day.

However, one of the main reason people would not want to use deodorant is that it block pores which would bring harm to the skin. I would say this is also a factor that got me hesitant in using it.

Source from theStir.

Deodorants are safe, according to the FDA:

  • The FDA issued a final rule in June 2003 establishing conditions under which over-the-counter (OTC) antiperspirants are generally recognized as safe and effective, and are not misbranded. The final rule establishes allowable ingredients and labeling for the products. (Translation: The mainstream stuff at CVS is FDA-approved.)

But some experts say deodorants are not safe at all:

  • Christine Harlow, a.k.a. “The Ingredients Investigator,” who has been researching the safety of the ingredients in common personal care products since 1991, says most deodorant isn’t safe and is loaded with toxic chemicals.

You guys be the judge!

Since we are in this topic, why don’t I talk about the difference in both spray and stick deodorant. Pros and cons on both this deodorant: (from my perspective)

Stick deodorant:


  • No need for ventilation. You can use a stick deodorant anywhere and needn’t worry about inhaling the fumes.
  • No streaks. Back in the day, this stuff left marks on your clothing. Nowadays it doesn’t.


It’s thick. It may not seem that way right now, but if you switch to light and airy spray, you will think stick deodorant is downright archaic and dense.

Spray deodorant:


  • This stuff feels nice and silky on your skin! Won’t make you feel like you’ve smeared lard all over yourself.
  • The mist isn’t nearly as bad as it used to be and makes you feel quite fresh. (Although, obviously, you should still use it in a ventilated area and be sure pets and children aren’t underfoot at the time.)


Depending on brand, some spray doesn’t make you feel like there’s an effect on you and it actually finish quite fast!

For me, I use deodorant and perfume depends on the occasion. Most time, I just put quite a huge amount of perfume because I am using Fierce by Abercrombie and Fitch and I love the smell. I actually scare that deodorant might be harmful therefore the seldom usage of it. What do you guys think? All info here are base on my opinion, drop your opinion and let me know!


7 thoughts on “Should You Wear Deodorant?

  1. Disclaimer: I am no scientist & I speak of what I know by experience.
    Any website will tell you that sweat isn’t smelly, bacteria that starts lurking over the sweat produces smell. So, by experience, I think, same brand of deodorant smells differently on different people. Unlike perfume that masks the smell, deos permanently change body odor.

  2. Hallo alle, Am Kevin (Ich habe einen anderen Alias) Ich bin ein neues Mitglied hier. Ich möchte zu diesem Beitrag althought beitragen ich bin nicht allzu gut informiert.

  3. Zo controversieel berichten waar meer mensen het oneens zijn het meest waarschijnlijk de meeste reacties genereren. Overwegende dat de meest gemotiveerde en volledig doordacht stuk misschien weinig anders verlaten om te zeggen behalve “goede post”.

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