China Trip’s Acquisition

If you guys followed me on my social network accounts, you will know that I went to Xiamen, China whole week of last week. Therefore I apologize of not having updates on my blog, but here I am, back from the 1 week trip.

To be honest, I was not expecting to go shopping there, since I never been to China before therefore I don’t think there was anything to buy there. I eventually find myself at Wanda Shopping Complex so might as well shop! =D

H&M SweaterSweater from H&M.
Price: 249RMB / RM120 / 40USD

I guess the price is okay for this sweater, personally I love H&M but the designs in Malaysia is quite limited as there isn’t any other seasons here. China brought in some autumn fashion and I fell in love with the sweater. Love the design a lot and it wasn’t very pricey, so I got it!

Cameo ShoeCamouflage shoes from Pull & Bear
Price: 79RMB / RM40 / 13USD

If you are not familiar with Pull & Bear, it is a Spanish brand. Since 1991, it focuses on casual, laid-back clothing and accessories for young people with a very urban style, at accessible prices. This was on a discounted section and it was so cheap! I had to get it. I always wanted something similar to this. Topman sold something like this but was about triple the price of this. I think when a branded shoe is sold so cheap, it is worth it.

Stay tune for more updates and news on fashion. Tell me what you think of the stuff I got during my trip, like it or hate it?


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