Shout Out Sunday!

I like to start something new. Let’s call it #SHOUTOUTSUNDAY. Basically, I look around for something I like, it could be a blog or a shoe or a brand, anything at all and I recommend it to you guys. I think this is a good way to showcase more about myself, what I brand I like, what I like to read or anything at all. Tell me if you guys think this idea is good or not.

I was on the web searching for stuff to write the other day and I found this interesting website. Yve Lifestyle is a nice place to read about the recent news and fashion. I must say I do not always have the latest update on fashion and I think that sharing some of the source to you guys may help you guys to be more up to date.


I like how Yve Lifestyle categorize their content nicely so reading is actually a breeze.

Yves 2

I am not going to lie, I love this page where they have most brands of Men Lookbooks. Why not have a look at it?

Link to Yves is (here)

If you have any stuff you want me to check out, do comment or email me directly at
I’d be happy to have a look and maybe share it with my readers.


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