Element Casing Ion 5 for iPhone 5/5S

Here is one for the gadget geeks. I was hunting down casing for my new iPhone 5S the other day. Yes, I finally got the new iPhone! =D Thank to my father which I am extremely grateful for! Back to this post, I came across multiple casing for iPhone 5. However in one of the Apple store, I saw this particular casing.DSC_0174

It looked beautiful, however was priced so high for an iPhone casing, RM 179 / USD 50. Dad eventually did get it for me, which I am grateful for, but I got it purely for the design. How it made my iPhone looked sleek while protecting it around the 4 edges.


The box wrote 5 points though:
High Impact resistant TPU Body
Genuine Carbon Fiber backing
Reinforced corners
Ergonomic shape for a positive grip
Integrated button design

Did some online research and found what the first two was talking about.

“The Ion 5 utilizes a high impact-resistant TPU material that in reality feels a lot like a standard TPU case of high quality. That said, the Ion 5 isn’t just any ordinary TPU case, but rather a precision TPU case because of its refined lines and attention to detail. The finish is what Element Case calls a matte rubber stoned finish. It’s got an amazing granular texture that provides great tactile grip when held, but won’t attract dust and lint – nor will it snag when put into a pocket. The material definitely feels exactly like SwitchEasy’s rubberized TPU material it uses on its Bonds and Tones cases.

Gone is the glossy and plastic-coated looking carbon fiber that for long has been the centerpiece of Element Case’s Ion and Formula cases. The Ion 5 is all about the natural sheen of carbon fiber and the unique looking pattern it brings forth. You can clearly see that looking at it from the back where a sharp looking large matte layer of carbon fiber occupies the majority of the surface. Although carbon fiber is durable, the clear matte coating that protects the finish isn’t. To help eliminate scuffing, the carbon fiber plate is slightly recessed in relation to the rest of the TPU body. So every time you set your iPhone 5 on a table or rub it around unintentionally, know that the carbon fiber will remain unscathed. A little attention to detail goes a long way. We really look forward to the release of a duo-toned Ion 5 case that’ll really make the carbon fiber centerpiece pop out.”

Both paragraph quoted from Gadget Mac. Read their review too, to find out more.


They say Ion 5 was design with a firm grip and shock proof which if I were to fall my phone, it will protect it. I would not try that though. Despite the higher price for this iPhone casing, so far I love it. It is nice in design as well as practical, would definitely recommend it! Let me know what do you think, or do you have any iPhone casing you like to share.


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