I’m a Contributor on Rakuten Essential

If you guys have notice, on the right of my page, there is something new in it.

<a href=”http://www.rakuten.com/essential”><img src=”http://badges.tid.al/badge/get/ian-tan-jun-feng/rakuten-life-contributor”></a&gt;

I recently became a contributor in Rakuten Essential. Even though it doesn’t seem like a big deal, but deeply I am grateful for it and was thrilled when they wanted me to.

Rakuten Essential is a platform by Rakuten that allows you to look through variety of posts based on categories. Like many fashion platform out there, one thing unique for Rakuten Essential is there would be a listing of products and pricing by the side of each posts to let you get what was blog in that particular post by Rakuten.


Like the picture above, it is categorize to: Style, Home, Food & Destination, Health etc. I honestly love looking through posts from different contributors and just have a better understanding to fashion itself. I know I have much to learn and definitely am still learning.

Check out my profile below. =D

Rakuten Essential

Link is (here).

Tell me how I can improve. I am still so happy that I am given this opportunity.



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