PUSH iPhone Wallet

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A basic post today. I was scrolling through some websites and found out about this! First thought in my mind was why didn’t I know about this?! Could have gotten it for myself!

Full post:
PUSH iPhone Wallet
 by BonjourLife

Carrying credit cards or money and iPhone in separate pockets, out in the open need extra vigilance but not with PUSH iPhone Wallet. PUSH Smartphone case/wallet has a secret hidden cavity that pops open at the push of a button. This case is a sheltered, trendy and prudent solution of the problem with auto-locking, audible click shutting and keeps your cards from falling and out of exposure with front facing drawer. These cases are compatible almost with all IPhone sets. Push the button on the back in the time of need and then slide it back inward. Auto-locking mechanism gets in the game by letting you know possessions are safely locked inside. Three cards or 2 cards with cash can be stored in it. Artist Series of PUSH Wallets are also available in limited edition and will not be reproduced. The iPhone Wallets will be in the market in 2014. PUSH iPhone Wallet (3) PUSH iPhone Wallet (2) PUSH iPhone Wallet (1)
Watch the video and grab the whole idea!

I do not own any of the stuff written above. I was only sharing a cool new gadget to everyone.

I totally love this, it would be great for clubbing, bar and many stuff that doesn’t require male in general to carry a bulky wallet. However the space to insert the cards could be limited and I am afraid that it will make my phone rather bulky. I guess I can’t come up with full conclusion without using it.

Wow, so I found out this PUSH casing is not launch yet, however it is possible to pledge to back this project up. (link) Currently it has reached it’s goal, so I guess this case would be coming out soon! However the case is priced from $38 – $50 which I actually think it is quite pricey for a iPhone case, but if it’s good, sometimes it is worth the money.

I am not sponsored nor advertising for this product, this post is written based on personal preference and review of some sort.


2 thoughts on “PUSH iPhone Wallet

  1. Hello!

    Last 9 months I worked hard to make my own wallet and finally launched a project at Kickstarter!

    My wallet is different in many ways:
    1) It is unisex, luxury level stylish accessorie. No plastic, looks, made and priced accordingly.
    2) Backers can design their wallet themself, from up to 13500 assembly combinations.
    3) Materials: 30 types of exotic hardwood, 30 leather colors, Aluminum, Titanium, Magnesium Alloy.
    4) Five additional options

    Pyramid Wallet at Kickstarter: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/yaroslavbondarenko/pyramid-wallet-compact-luxury-wallet-to-express-yo

    — Without any promotion (promotion launch at Friday) already 12% crowdfunded.
    — Have two followers at Twitter (our Twitter account is @PyramidWallet) who have more than million followers each (@colortheory and @alispagnola).
    — Most pledges already made are for $450 priced, most expensive, Limited Edition version!
    — Topic about my project at one of biggest Russian speaking entertainment web sites became “Platinum”: http://www.yaplakal.com/forum2/st/0/topic709008.html

    Please spread the word about Pyramid Wallet project and be among the first who write about it! If you have any questions, please ask me! Thanks!

    Dmytro Ivanov.

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