Exploring fashion through the eyes of mine while sharing it with people who are interested. An average 20 years old guy whose fashion is his passion. I want created this on March 27, 2013 to share my views on fashion and style and maybe learn a stuff or two.

I believe style can tell a story about a person, his personality and taste. As years go by, society has been more aware about style and people would judge you on the clothes you are wearing. It’s not always right, but that’s just how society works. For example, if you wore decently to an interview, it’s already a plus. Therefore I strive to create a space where I could give out advice and hopefully receive comments on topics. I try my best to dress well when I go out, because it’s how I represent myself and hopefully people sees me that way. I would get piss off when someone came to look for me in horrible clothing because to me, that’s disrespecting me. Hopefully this blog can help figuring out your questions on fashion and also inspire me more.

Some personal stuff you guys might want to know about me:

The name is Ian Tan.

I’m a Malaysian born Chinese, all my ancestor are from China, but they came here during the 50’s.

20 years of age, soon to turn 21 in December 16. My teenage years are ending and a word of advice from me is that don’t waste your teenage years because it was amazing.

Thing about me.

– I am an Architecture student and I first discover my interest in it was playing The Sims.

– I am still figuring what hairstyle suits me, but I think my current short hair suits me.

– I like the attention.

– I love fashion and definitely shopping. Favourite brand at the moment: Abercrombie & Fitch.

– I wish I had a British or American accent.

– If I could do anything is that I want to be a model and an actor.

– Smoking looks cool, but getting addicted to it is a turn off.

– I have a major crush on Lindsay Lohan, Francisco Lachowski and River Viiperi.

– I don’t like the Asian feature so much compare to the English.

– Paris is my dream city.

– I check out people with the confidence.

– I would buy all my formal clothes from Ermengildo Zegna when I grow up.

– I would prefer the name Iain rather than Ian, because it’s more unique.


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