PUSH iPhone Wallet

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A basic post today. I was scrolling through some websites and found out about this! First thought in my mind was why didn’t I know about this?! Could have gotten it for myself!

Full post:
PUSH iPhone Wallet
 by BonjourLife

Carrying credit cards or money and iPhone in separate pockets, out in the open need extra vigilance but not with PUSH iPhone Wallet. PUSH Smartphone case/wallet has a secret hidden cavity that pops open at the push of a button. This case is a sheltered, trendy and prudent solution of the problem with auto-locking, audible click shutting and keeps your cards from falling and out of exposure with front facing drawer. These cases are compatible almost with all IPhone sets. Push the button on the back in the time of need and then slide it back inward. Auto-locking mechanism gets in the game by letting you know possessions are safely locked inside. Three cards or 2 cards with cash can be stored in it. Artist Series of PUSH Wallets are also available in limited edition and will not be reproduced. The iPhone Wallets will be in the market in 2014. PUSH iPhone Wallet (3) PUSH iPhone Wallet (2) PUSH iPhone Wallet (1)
Watch the video and grab the whole idea!

I do not own any of the stuff written above. I was only sharing a cool new gadget to everyone.

I totally love this, it would be great for clubbing, bar and many stuff that doesn’t require male in general to carry a bulky wallet. However the space to insert the cards could be limited and I am afraid that it will make my phone rather bulky. I guess I can’t come up with full conclusion without using it.

Wow, so I found out this PUSH casing is not launch yet, however it is possible to pledge to back this project up. (link) Currently it has reached it’s goal, so I guess this case would be coming out soon! However the case is priced from $38 – $50 which I actually think it is quite pricey for a iPhone case, but if it’s good, sometimes it is worth the money.

I am not sponsored nor advertising for this product, this post is written based on personal preference and review of some sort.


Dive Master 500 Mechanical

First of all! Sorry for my lack of post recently, due to my assignments and just my daily chores. The good news is I am back! That’s right! I am done with my degree so now with nothing much in my life, I will be focusing full time here. Fashion is a hobby of mine and it would be awesome if I made a full time career out of it.

Enough excuses, let me go right into my blog post. This few days I plan to reorganize my blog a little bit, do some theme changes and maybe organize my topics. By 2014, I will surely make my blog a place to be for any fashion lovers out there. =)

Victorinox Swiss Army

Firstly, Happy 21st birthday to myself! (16-12-2013) Yes, for you that don’t know I turned 21 recently. It was an amazing birthday! One of them was receiving a valuable birthday present from my father. My father believed guys should have a luxurious timepiece at the age of 21, therefore this gift was truly one of the best.

To be honest, I do not do much research on a particular timepiece, all I know is the simple stuff. When my dad suggested I went and find a timepiece that I like, I was not sure what I should be looking at. This particular watch was love at first sight.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

When I wore it on. 

I plan to do a small review of this product. After getting it, I went home and did some research, the particular timepiece is from the Dive Master 500 Collection, where it is a mechanical watch. This is actually a diver’s watch that can be underwater up to 500m deep. Even so, it looked nice that I would buy even if I am not a diver.

The timepiece comes in 5 different colour, black, grey, blue, red and brown.

8871349223454_TIM__241355__000__S1_64377_png_1  8871385595934_TIM_241561__000__S1_64476_png_18871350534174_TIM__241425__000__S1_64382_png_1 8871391690782_TIM_241577__000__S1_64492_png_1

was actually choosing between the black, grey and brown initially, but I went with the brown, because I wanted something to look more my age and more edge to it rather than the normal black watch and my skin was relatively fair, so brown was my pick.


Isn’t it a beauty? The brown is very unique as well.

The functions are listed below.

  • Swiss Made
  • Ø 43 mm Stainless steel case (316L)
  • Mechanical self-winding movement (ETA 2892.A2)
  • Scratch-resistant, triple coated anti-reflective sapphire crystal
  • Water resistant to 500 m (50 ATM, 1650 ft)
  • Black Ice PVD case
  • Luminescent hands, hour and bezel markers
  • Screw-in caseback
  • Protected screw-down crown
  • Date calendar
  • Genuine rubber strap

Weirdly enough I could not find an actual price for it, but I got mine at approximately RM3300 (USD 1000), I must say it was a little pricey but it’s a luxury watch. Therefore I am truly thankful to my dad for willingly spending this much for me.

Info is from Victorinox Swiss Army.

Have a look and let me know do you like it. Do leave comments telling me what you want me to write or review and even your opinion. I receive a huge number of emails recently and will get back soon, sorry for the delay as I was not free to reply. Thanks for the support guys, Christmas is nearby, will do a Christmas shopping post soon. Cheers!

Element Casing Ion 5 for iPhone 5/5S

Here is one for the gadget geeks. I was hunting down casing for my new iPhone 5S the other day. Yes, I finally got the new iPhone! =D Thank to my father which I am extremely grateful for! Back to this post, I came across multiple casing for iPhone 5. However in one of the Apple store, I saw this particular casing.DSC_0174

It looked beautiful, however was priced so high for an iPhone casing, RM 179 / USD 50. Dad eventually did get it for me, which I am grateful for, but I got it purely for the design. How it made my iPhone looked sleek while protecting it around the 4 edges.


The box wrote 5 points though:
High Impact resistant TPU Body
Genuine Carbon Fiber backing
Reinforced corners
Ergonomic shape for a positive grip
Integrated button design

Did some online research and found what the first two was talking about.

“The Ion 5 utilizes a high impact-resistant TPU material that in reality feels a lot like a standard TPU case of high quality. That said, the Ion 5 isn’t just any ordinary TPU case, but rather a precision TPU case because of its refined lines and attention to detail. The finish is what Element Case calls a matte rubber stoned finish. It’s got an amazing granular texture that provides great tactile grip when held, but won’t attract dust and lint – nor will it snag when put into a pocket. The material definitely feels exactly like SwitchEasy’s rubberized TPU material it uses on its Bonds and Tones cases.

Gone is the glossy and plastic-coated looking carbon fiber that for long has been the centerpiece of Element Case’s Ion and Formula cases. The Ion 5 is all about the natural sheen of carbon fiber and the unique looking pattern it brings forth. You can clearly see that looking at it from the back where a sharp looking large matte layer of carbon fiber occupies the majority of the surface. Although carbon fiber is durable, the clear matte coating that protects the finish isn’t. To help eliminate scuffing, the carbon fiber plate is slightly recessed in relation to the rest of the TPU body. So every time you set your iPhone 5 on a table or rub it around unintentionally, know that the carbon fiber will remain unscathed. A little attention to detail goes a long way. We really look forward to the release of a duo-toned Ion 5 case that’ll really make the carbon fiber centerpiece pop out.”

Both paragraph quoted from Gadget Mac. Read their review too, to find out more.


They say Ion 5 was design with a firm grip and shock proof which if I were to fall my phone, it will protect it. I would not try that though. Despite the higher price for this iPhone casing, so far I love it. It is nice in design as well as practical, would definitely recommend it! Let me know what do you think, or do you have any iPhone casing you like to share.

Ring Clock

ringclock ringclock2

So I found this online and I WANT THIS! Imagine a ring which tells you time, it’s simple and stylish. Not that I want to eliminate watches, but this look like something I would wear often and it’s pretty!

More info : Ring Clock
Price : $185 USD

Gorgeous Flat & Minimal iOS 7 Redesign

Photos do not own by me.

I was on Details Style Network and I came across this article and I thought I share it with you guys, since I am an Apple fan and iPhone junkie. I do not own any of this material in this post, it was written by the amazing Jack Archer whose work I loved. Full article is (here).


I can’t wait for iOS 7! I really can’t! Look at all the new features!

Check out Jack at here.

Are you excited?

Skullcandy Headphones



What’s your perspective on music? I believe that music is a way to express emotions when sometimes merely speaking out those words isn’t enough. Music is part of my life and I listen to songs everyday, no matter what mood I am in, songs are the one that help me through. If you are like me, I think a good pair of headphones would only be a necessity to listen to the music artists pour their souls into.



I believe in a gonna pair of headphones, because I bring them anywhere and everywhere, so far one of the better headphone brands I like is from Skullcandy. I guess I am just throwing recommended brand out there for you guys to evaluate.

Skullcandy produced many different types of headphones with different range and different designs depending on the type you fancy more. I would just list out a few popular headphones that you may have an interest in.

The supreme sound 50/50 is the most basic simple headphone where it looks like a hands-free but definitely more clearer noise and more expensive than usual headphones.

Hesh gives an elevated audio experience housed in a sleek and simplified aesthetic. That’s what the website said about it, but I do believe it’s a good and cheaper choice compare to the other choices of over the ear headphones Skullcandy has to offer.

Aviator is a little bit pricey compare to Hesh but definitely gives a much better experience. It evens cut out the sound outside, which I find it amazing.

Finally the Crusher. Yup, I have something similiar to this and the base! Yes the base is awesome! I would recommend this if you are a fan of headphones, because it really gives you the experience of the song fully!

Don’t take my word for it, Chanel Iman, Victoria Secret angel is modeling for them! Haha! You guys can head out to your local stores and give them a try, tell me what do you think of them!


All image are from Skull Candy, I do not own any of them.

Up by Jawbone

I understand that fashion may not be for every guys, which is fine. It’s like not every guys like cars but we need to have some knowledge about it, same goes for fashion. However, to keep my blog and post interesting, I decided that why not I add gadgets into my blog posts so we can talk about it. Hopefully I can cover 4 different topics weekly: outfit of the day, fashion news, what to get and one more gadgets/accessories.

Today I like to talk about a new gadget I got about a month ago from the united states. Up by Jawbone. It’s a bracelet like device that helps calculate the steps one take daily and the amount of sleep with a press of a button. Yup, it actually does that! It syncs with an app call Up by Jawbone available on IPhone and Andriod. Besides tabulating your data, you can key in the amount of calories intake that day and it will also provide you advice on health.

Basically it does:
✔ Track your sleep & physical activity
✔ Log your food & drink & track nutritional info
✔ Get insights to help you set & achieve your goals
✔ Set Smart Sleep Alarms to wake up refreshed
✔ Set Idle Alerts to remind you to move
✔ Team up with friends in the app and live better together



I actually find this very amazing because it can calculate the amount of light and deep sleep you have per day, not sure how accurate it is, but it’s still amazing. I believe with this gadgets, it will make people want to walk more and be healthier, even though not dramatically changing his or her lifestyle, but with slight changes. One of the reason is that the app will set a target of 10,000 steps per day, so we tend to take up the challenge to reach the goal, therefore making us walk more and burn more calories.

I’m all for health. No matter how much gym you go to, enough sleep is just as important. Here are a few closer look at the app itself. 


My daily sleep and steps, as shown I am not getting much sleep these days. Not a good sign.


The tips they gave me.

I talk about it’s functionality, but base on fashion point of view, where does this gadget stands? To me, I find the design is very attractive that could be wore for almost everything, it’s simple and mono-colour design makes it literally like a bracelet where we can wear to gym, class, dates and many more. However, it’s design maybe to casual for a formal event which I don’t recommend wearing to it, unless it’s perfectly covered under your long sleeve shirt. I’ve been wearing mine everyday, day and night though, I find it easy to match my watch and clothes since I got black, I guess in my point of view, it’s a yes! What do you guys think? Would you get it?


Pictures are from theiospost, lifeonmymobile, bloomberg and myself.