How to find a fitting suit?


I came across this a few days back and this is really what every guy needs when buying a suit! I see too many guys with the wrong fitting. You don’t need to be rich for a nice suit, but be aware of the fitting when you buy them.



Could resist not putting a Zac Efron picture in here. He is perfect though.


Short Sleeve Shirts


Finally after a long gruesome semester, I finally have the time to do some shopping by myself. I did not intend to get anything at first, but there were sales throughout the store, so I had to check them out. I pass by Springfield and immediately fell in love with the shirt. It was something I intended to get for a long time, but couldn’t find the right cutting or design, therefore I got it instantly.


I especially love the design and the blue of the shirt and it was the final piece! Therefore it is so much more worth it!

Springfield is an European brand. Even though it’s not my favourite brand, but I would often walk in to check out their new stuff. Springfield was founded in 1988 with the objective of dressing urban and cosmopolitan young men. Today, they are celebrating their 25th anniversary.

I like the young, hip and trendy style they produced but not too wild for the average men to wear. I believe if you are a male from the age of 13-30, the style would fit you well.

Check out more on their website.

I was not a fan of short sleeve shirts, never been a fan of it till recently though. I used to find it weird, because of some teacher who wore it wrongly in high school, but recently after having to looking at some celebrities rocking it, I became a fan. One of them is Louis Tomlinson from One Direction.

Louis Tomlinson 1 Louis Tomlinson 2


I love how he look so good in short sleeve shirts, so you can say my inspiration comes from him. Will update on my outfit of the day of my shirt, but have to wash it first. Let me know what you think of short sleeve shirts. Would you wear it or not?

Father’s Day Gift Suggestion – Polos

Father’s day is coming! For those of you who don’t know, father’s day happens on the third week of June every year. It’s simply a day for us kids to show our gratitude to the man who protected us, supported us and most importantly loved us since the day we are born.

If you are scratching your head for the past few weeks, contemplating on what to buy for your dad. Well, here is a suggestion which I think it’s quite a general item for your dad.


Variety 2

Yes, polos aka collar t-shirt are one of the easiest and valuable gifts for your dad. I give you 3 reasons.
(1) It is a simple gift ranging from below 100 dollars up to thousands, therefore it can be in your budget range.
(2) It will shows an image or a standard that you are having to be able to buy a specific brand polo for your father.
(3) Who doesn’t like polos? Every middle age or old man wears polo! It’s matches everything.


Here is where this blog post really comes to help, ways to choose the right polo for your father, or even yourself for that matter. Why not do some Summer shopping while you are at it? Here are a few factors to consider when getting a polo.

(1) Budget
Number 1, budget! Budget, I can say it’s the critical factor when purchasing one of these. What brand to get? How much are you willing to spend on one polo? That’s the question you should ask yourself before buying a polo.

Let me break it down for you. Why are polos ranging from a few bucks to hundreds of dollars?
Quality is one of the simple factor. A branded polo would be able to have a better quality.
Another factor would be the brand. We live in a society where brands sometimes define you even though we try not to, but that’s reality therefore choosing a brand would define you and your position in life. Giving a branded polo would be able to show your dad what position in life you are at and he’s at.

I will list out a few brands of Polo ranging from price and brand. Please note the prices are just estimation and not all brands are listed, just some of my favourite. I am talking about standard polo here with simple one color. I split it into 3 different categories base on the price range

H&M – around 10USD / RM30
Zara – around 30USD / RM100
Topman – around 50USD / RM150
Quiksilver – around 50USD / RM150
Hollister– 29.50USD

Abercrombie & Fitch – 60USD
Armani Exchange – around 50USD / RM300
Lacoste – around 100USD / RM300
Fred Perry – around 100USD / RM360
Ralph Lauren – around 85-100USD / RM360-600
Tommy Hilfiger – around 85USD / RM360

Burberry – around 200USD / RM600
Hugo Boss / Boss Orange / Boss Green 100-200USD / RM600

and the list goes on, but categories the brand of your polo to see where the budget falls into.

(2) Fitting
Brands that appeal to the younger market like Topman and Zara are mostly slim fit which do not looks well on your father. I will just skip it and talk about more mature brands like Ralph Lauren etc. Brands like that have quite a few cutting for different body shapes to appeal to a wider range of market, therefore choosing the right size and fitting is very important. I will cover the basic ones here.


Straight Fit
Straight fit is the standard fitting that the length of the shirt is not long, usually for short or men with belly. Most dad I know would fit in straight fit because of the beer belly they have. This would be the most common one, however there isn’t any shape at the waist of the polo.

Slim Fit
Slim fit is longer at the length of the shirt and there would be slightly slimmer at the waist making it nicer for skinny or well-build body. The slim fit showcase the body that you workout so hard for, so if your dad is slim or well-build, get this to showcase his body.

(3) Colour
Colour can be a headache when choosing. We usually just get the simple colours that are easy to match or what we don’t have, for instance black, blue, red… Here I would elaborate on what colour to get for what skin colour. We know some colours flatters your skin colour while others don’t.

All the colours listed below are only guidelines, trying them out would be better, however there a saying “the darker your skin tone, the brighter the color you can get away with.”


Pale – Black / White / Red / Blue/ Navy Blue / Light Green / Light Yellow

Rosy-pale or light – White / Pink / Orange / Light Blue / Light Green / Light Yellow

Normal or Tan – Bold colours, eg: Red / Yellow / Green / Purple / Brown

Exotic or Medium – Yellow / Orange / Green / Turqoise

Dark or Native – Black / White / Purple / Blue / Green / Purple

Here is a guideline I found on askmen.

I will update another post talking fully on how to match your cloths from shirts to pants and shoes (full body) to your skin colour. It will be the next post, so stay tune!

These are the 3 main factors when getting a polo and I hope I helped you and gave you an idea to get that for your dad this coming father’s day. Lastly I want to wish all dad a Happy Father’s day! You guys are the best. The times you will try to be brave for your families when you are half as scared as we were, the times that you are willing to blow your own social life to spend time with us, the times when you work overtime to provide for us. From the bottom of my heart, Thank You! To my own dad and all the brave heroes out there. My dad is my Superman. Happy Father’s day!

Photos are from Ralph Lauren and Lacoste.

Is birds the new black?

Spring where all the flowers bloom and birds come out, well, at least for some part of the world. This spring, apparently birds are nesting on men’s clothing.

Rick Edwards on fashion, article on


Photo from

I find shirts like these are hard to pull off but it’s nice if a guy is willing to try pulling it off. For me, I try not to get shirts that have large “deco” on it, but just follow my instinct.

Shirts and bags with the birds on it kind of reminds me of what Topman would always come out with, it’s not your ordinary shirt that you see every guy would wear. That’s why European are much more well-dressed though, brands in the UK usually try something out of the ordinary.


I saw that shirt and told myself I have to have it! It’s like love at first sight. It’s flower-like design caught my eyes and it was not too extreme! I reckon every guy should have one of this kind of shirts. The easiest is to wear a chinos with it, don’t wear it with jeans! But that’s just my opinion, what’s yours? Would you get one?

Shirt: Topman

Shorts: Abercrombie and Fitch

Slippers: Birkenstock

Hollister New T-shirt Designs

Spring is here and that means more t-shirt. What other place offer the best T-shirts? Well, to me, my favourite t-shirt brand would be from Abercrombie and Fitch and Hollister. To those of you guys who don’t know these brands, both these brands are from United States and are brother brands, so technically they have similar designs, but Abercrombie and Fitch is from New York while Hollister is from Southern California.

Recently, Hollister announce a daily photo challenge that fans can upload photos of topics in Instagram with a #inhollister hashtag and stand a chance to win the photo being printed on a t-shirt at Hollister, what do you guys think about this?



I think it’s kind of cool that Hollister is doing this even though it will affect their famous design from before. Let me show you what I’m talking about. Since before, Hollister and Abercrombie has been coming out with T-shirts of their logo or name largely across the chest and people love that. I think mostly it’s because of the t-shirt material and the pride of wearing the t-shirt showing the brand largely.


The Hollister t-shirt above is one of the common design.

Recently, the designs are different from that which mostly pictures of beach are occupying the front rather than word. I actually love these designs better, but I heard of friends disliking it. What do you guys think? To me, Hollister is from southern California, they even used it when branding themselves. When we think of southern California, we think of beach, nice weather, sun and four seasons with not much changes and I think these t-shirt designs suit the brand very well!




I actually would buy these t-shirts more than the original logo t-shirts. I also think that Hollister using nice Instagram pictures as their t-shirt design would look pretty amazing! What do you guys think?


Other than t-shirt, tank top also looks good with printed pictures in front. If you’re looking to buy t-shirts, I suggest going to Hollister for them as their quality are great, reasonable prices and their cheaper than Abercrombie, even if your country don’t carry this brand, find friends and ship them in, you won’t regret it!

All photos own by HollisterCo.