Armani Exchange Mixed Media Backpack

Firstly I would like to apologize for the lack of post. As to why I was gone for a month, basically, I went a for a few trips with my friends and family. The few places I went was simply breathtaking, places include Hong Kong, San Francisco, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. I do hope to be able to share these wonderful experiences with you guys. However, do give me some time to pick up on my blogging.

Stuff I got in the United States.

Honestly, a good vacation definitely consists of shopping. Everyone’s with me with this? Well, for myself, I have this habit of visiting the local brand of that country to get the best deals and comparatively cheaper price items of that specific brand. So it was no surprise I went straight to Armani Exchange during my trip in the states. Armani Exchange is super expensive in Malaysia, so honestly, I won’t spend the money in my own country.

I came across this lovely bag. Armani Exchange Mixed Media

Armani Echange


It was priced at USD198 less 40%. With that discount, you know I had to get it. Not had to, but I wanted to.

This is what the website describe it’s bag:
Crafted from a mix of leather, cotton and nylon, our multi pocket backpack is a a take everywhere kind of bag.
mixed fabricated
snap closure on front pocket
multiple pocket design
h: 19.0″ l: 14.0″
50% cotton, 50% nylon, 100% leather trim
Well, for me, I am a fan of Armani Exchange and the design of the bag was what I wanted, so I got it. It came in 2 color. Blue and green, I got the blue one because it looked more elegant and more Armani-Exchange-style, if you get what I mean. The picture below shows the bag and it’s alternate color.

Armani Echange 2


Let me know what you think about it. Yay or nay? Will post more stuff I bought from my holiday, believe me, there’s alot of them!


Back to School Outfit 2

Ever want to head to class without trying to look like you dress too much, but want to feel like you made an afford on it? Colours! That’s what I do, try to find a colour of your choice that you want to wear and try mix and match. It don’t have to be overly put together, simple T-shirt and Chinos or Jeans will do.

This photo was actually posted on my LookBook awhile back, it’s simple and fits exactly right for classes, not for places that are too cold though, but the temperature here allows me to dress like this. Blue was my colour theme that day. What do you guys think about it? I wore a snapback because of my bad hair day. What are your thoughts on it?

Tip of the day: You don’t necessary need to show the whole world when you have a bad hair day, just wear a simple snapback to sort this problem out!


Snapback: Lids

T-Shirt: Ralph Lauren

Chinos: H&M

Shoes: Thrift Shop in Bangkok

Watch: Diesel