Salvatore Ferragamo Men Spring/Summer 2013

Spring is here and when you think of spring, flowers and greenery starts to grow. Salvatore Ferragamo latest spring/summer men collection 2013 caught my eyes out of the hundreds of fashion shows. Have a look at it below if you have not though.

The latest collection of Salvatore Ferragamo plays with colours  Not just any colours  but bright colours that’s striking. I don’t think most men dare to wear clothing with such striking colour, but I actually love them! From the past year, coloured pants like chinos are making its comeback and it’s getting more and more striking. Even though some brands slowly dull up their line of clothing, I absolutely love Salvatore Ferragamo striking colour clothing line.

These are some of my favourites!


I would love to get my hands on this fashion line if I had the money though. I think this fashion would not last very long. Besides, striking colour clothes are hard to match, as certain colours only goes with certain colours, therefore getting a pair definitely won’t be enough, but I really wish I could get my hands on it! What do you guys think? As a guy, would you wear these fashion on a daily basis? As a girl, would you like to see guys wearing these fashion?