Gothic Menswear Fashion / Givenchy Fall 2013

I recently helped a friend did a small amount research on the brand Givenchy and it’s fashion concept, whereby design an interior of a retail outlet for it. We came up with Gothic fashion for Givenchy. I might as well share my research here for a better understanding of Gothic fashion and how Givenchy express it in it’s menswear.

When it comes to design, merely just designing would not be good enough but a design with a concept is what people are looking for. Designers are often asked what inspiration they have during design to create that fabulous collection, therefore it is essential to have one as designers.

Givenchy is inspired by Gothic fashion in most of it’s collection through out the years.

Gothic fashion is a clothing style marked by conspicuously dark, mysterious, exotic, and complex features. Complex features can mean the ornaments and prints on shirt. Ornaments to my interpretation is spikes and studs.

TPhoto is from fashitects.

How is Gothic fashion translate to menswear? Well, it’s dark, mysterious and complex.

F/W 2009 Collection from Ann Demeulemeester. Based in blacks and whites, it embraced an earth-toned color palette.

A very nice interview with Gothic Remaissance by Madly Juicy. Check it out!

Personally, I find Givenchy has a unique style, but I don’t find it practical, hence not owning any items from it. A brief introduction to Givenchy Fall 2013 collection, some of my favourites and relating to Gothic fashion.

“Riccardo Tisci wanted to make a much more couture collection for menswear, he was keen to challenge himself by offering something more chic, more…well, couture-ish. And there it was, in experimental new cuts, collarless and lapel-less, and in a new depth of fabrication.” Quote 

Photos are from Style.


The printed T looks amazing, but the cutting isn’t what I would often wear.


A simple example of ornamentation on jackets.

I find that the below two don’t represent much Gothic fashion but I especially like formal wears, simple but elegant.


I think the idea of Givenchy used in Gothic is the unique printed tees, ornamentation and definately the dark color palette used.What do you guys think of Givenchy Fall 2013, even though Summer has just begun?

As always, this is my point of interpretation and my opinion. I only did that many research therefore would love to hear comments on your thoughts and whether did I misunderstand or explained wrongly. Cheers!


Camouflage are back!

Camouflage are back! Yup, you heard me right, camouflage used to be a big trend back in the days but it is coming back. This military trend on clothes used to be on every corner of the street and everyone had to own a pair of them to feel trendy at the time, however over the years no one was wearing and I suppose everyone just left it in their closet.

But the trend started picking up again when top designers and brands like Givenchy started putting them back on the runway. This time it’s coming more strong! With not just cameo pants, but shirts, shoes, bags and suits. It’s literally taking over the world.

Picture from NYtimes.30iht-flv30-span-articleLarge

However, I must say, cameo design are not easy to match with our daily outfit without looking like a complete fashion amateur. It’s distinctive design would probably make you look like an army if you are not cautious about how you wear it. Army wears camouflage uniform was to blend in with the surroundings of greenery, however we are to make a fashion statement and stand out though.

Here are a few ways to dress with cameo design. Pictures are from Riccardotisci.


Personally, I do not own anything with camouflage design. One reason is that it doesn’t attract me much, but maybe it’s because I haven’t gone into this trend yet. The other reason could be the difficulty in finding the right clothes to match it without looking like a fashion disaster. After looking through inspirations on the web, I find it amazing how it actually fit well with a simple black t-shirt can fit this distinctive cameo chinos or a cameo shirt fitting with regular blue jeans. I guess it’s a fashion I should and could explore more. What’s your take on camouflage design items?

Where to get camouflage design items? I went shopping today and found a few brand that carries camouflage design. I believe it ain’t hard to find since it’s becoming a trend. I went Topman today and saw a few camouflage design items that I find interesting and might get, maybe you guys can check it out as well. Photos are from Topman.

 71Y05FOFF_normal69B10FKHA_normal56T06FKHA_normalThe bag looks absolutely stunning, or maybe I’m just a sucker for all these kinds of bags.