Down in New York City


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Fashion is always my dream and what better way to explore more about it is a trip to New York for it’s fashion week? This look is inspired by New York, with a sweater showing NYC. Fall is coming, therefore sweaters are one way to travel around with, it could also be tied around the neck as an accessory.

Sweater : H&M
T-shirt is from Abercrombie and Fitch, because the flagship store is in NYC.
Jeans : Levi’s
Shoes : Zara

The sweater was one of my recent acquires, link. It was so worth it, it is comfortable and I love the design as well. Even though it is hot outside now, it is nice to wear to the movies or classes. For people whose country is starting fall soon, it can be mix and match to your everyday clothing.


Outfit of the Day – Dance All Night to the Best Song Ever

Mind my title. Was feeling the vibe of it, as well as One Direction released a new song.

Dance All Night to the Best Song Ever.

Ian Tan 1 

Ian Tan 2

I finally had the chance to wear the shirt I bought a few days ago. It was perfect for a full day of chilling at the mall and dinner occasion with my friends. I really loved the polka dots on the shirt and the colour is so nice! Not a single regret spending money on this!


I matched it up with a grey jeans from Levi’s. Levi’s Skinny fit jeans 511 and my Timberland shoes. I did not feel like mixing too many colours into my outfit as I want my shirt to stand out which it did very well. 


The accessories were the same as my usual, a Calvin Klein watch because I love it so much and Up by Jawbone accessory to track my daily steps which I talked about it from my earlier post.

For the shoes though, I never had much chance and items to go with it, so rather than the regular blue or black dress shoes, I chose something more striking and mature with this outfit.Shoe

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Comments on what do you think of my outfit? Cheers.

Levi’s Jeans Guide

Levi’s is a brand I believe is known widely throughout the world. Jeans would be the first thing that came to mind when Levi’s is said. I cannot say that it has the best jeans because truthfully I hadn’t have much pairs of different brand jeans, but based on the price, it’s quality is worth it! I absolutely love Levi’s jeans because it’s affordable and lasting. I definitely recommend it, but most probably everyone would have at least a pair of this jeans.

However I am going to talk about the cutting more than the brand itself, hopefully giving you an idea of what cutting to buy when you were to get a Levi’s jeans. Maybe I would do a few different brands in the future for more understanding of the specific brand.

Levi’s come out with different numbers to indicate the cutting. Firstly, the basic one.


Levi’s 501 – Original Fit.

Original fit is the most basic, nothing could go wrong cutting. It’s straight from the thigh down to the ankle. I think many adults would go for this cutting. However, I don’t recommend youngsters or young adult getting this cutting as it could be a little bit dull.

Lewis 505

Levi’s 505 – Regular Fit

Regular fit, almost the same as above is a simple straight cut jeans where doesn’t showcase much shape in the jeans.  If you are overweight or with beer belly could go for this cutting as it won’t go wrong rather than other cuttings.

Lewis 510

Levi’s 510 – Skinny Fit

I bet most people would say no after hearing the skinny fit word. It was initially my first reaction, but after dad got me a pair of it and after I tried it on, it has been one of my favourite jeans to wear of all time. It isn’t too skinny and it’s fabric is very comfortable.

Lewis 511

Levi’s 511 – Slim Fit

Another popular cutting which is this slim fit that I think suit most youngster and young adult as it isn’t too tight but it gives the shape of the leg while making you look slightly taller.

Photos are from Levi’s.

I personally would go for wither Levi’s 510 or 511 as I prefer slim or skinny rather than the regular cut, but the choice is yours when come to dressing up. Whether you put comfort, looks or cutting first, but it must suit your body type. Which one do you wear?


Me wearing a Levi’s 510. It’s not that skinny and it’s perfectly comfortable!