New Balance Fall 2013 Collection – Herschel Supply Co

Herschel Supply Co and New Balance present a second capsule collection, created over a shared heritage and goal of delivering high-quality, timeless goods. The theme of it is out in the woods where I think definitely catches the attention of mine. I never been a fan of New Balance, however Herschel is quite famous among my friends, therefore it’s quite interesting to see this joint venture.

newbalance-1 newbalance-2 newbalance-3 newbalance-7 newbalance-9

Personally I would go to a store and get these right now, however, there isn’t any Herschel outlet in Malaysia. One of the interesting thing is the Heritage NB backpack with a signature shoe pocket and custom paisley lining. Previously exclusive to the Novel duffel, the shoe pocket is ideal for storing New Balance styles separately inside the bag.

This interesting design cost $79.99. I would say it’s a little bit pricey, but if the quality is good, I would definitely invest in it. To me, shoes and bags are would the investment, because they follow you everywhere you go! What do you guys think?


China Trip’s Acquisition

If you guys followed me on my social network accounts, you will know that I went to Xiamen, China whole week of last week. Therefore I apologize of not having updates on my blog, but here I am, back from the 1 week trip.

To be honest, I was not expecting to go shopping there, since I never been to China before therefore I don’t think there was anything to buy there. I eventually find myself at Wanda Shopping Complex so might as well shop! =D

H&M SweaterSweater from H&M.
Price: 249RMB / RM120 / 40USD

I guess the price is okay for this sweater, personally I love H&M but the designs in Malaysia is quite limited as there isn’t any other seasons here. China brought in some autumn fashion and I fell in love with the sweater. Love the design a lot and it wasn’t very pricey, so I got it!

Cameo ShoeCamouflage shoes from Pull & Bear
Price: 79RMB / RM40 / 13USD

If you are not familiar with Pull & Bear, it is a Spanish brand. Since 1991, it focuses on casual, laid-back clothing and accessories for young people with a very urban style, at accessible prices. This was on a discounted section and it was so cheap! I had to get it. I always wanted something similar to this. Topman sold something like this but was about triple the price of this. I think when a branded shoe is sold so cheap, it is worth it.

Stay tune for more updates and news on fashion. Tell me what you think of the stuff I got during my trip, like it or hate it?

Semi Formal Dinner Wear.

WordpressA simple mix and match for you guys out there to have some inspiration on what to wear. I wore this for a birthday celebration recently. Some items are out of fashion, so I tried to find the closest item of the current season. The items are not very expensive, so it’s actually possible for an average person to grab it.


In a previous post, I talked about shirts with “deco”, birds in particular, but recently different designs are out and it’s absolutely gorgeous! from Topman.


My standard burgundy chinos by Topman. The color which is close to red.


A red watch to match the outfit by Swatch.

Vans Shoe

Shoes by Vans.

Footwear to get for Spring!



N.HOOLYWOOD and Generic Surplus came together to create a range of collaborative seasonal footwear. Even though I’m not a fan of these brands, partly I never heard of it, but I came across their collection through some news and I was in love with the collection. Their new collection of Spring/Summer 2013 footwear is just amazing!


I am a fan of footwear and I don’t think I have enough, or for that matter, I don’t think I’ll ever have enough. These shoes above just screams “get me!”. I love shoes with this simple design, nothing extraordinary, just a simple shoe for everyday life. I especially love the mixture of colours as well.

“Featuring thick cushioned insoles and waxed cotton laces, the footwear comes in either two-tone cow suede renditions of navy/black, charcoal/red, and yellow/grey alongside tonal linen editions in colorways of khaki and charcoal. Each pair comes complete with white rubber foxing, dual-branded insoles and subtle N.HOOLYWOOD branding along the tongue.” Quoted from

However, as I was reading through the article, it is only selling now in Japan, retailing for ¥23,100 JPY (approximately $232 USD) each. Woah! That is definitely out of budget, for me I suppose. I understand designer shoes are expensive and I would definitely pay that price to get one if I had the money, so if you are spending on a budget for Spring, why not try an alternative.

Personally I love the brand Vans! It has the similiar design and it’s comfortable to wear and durable as well. Price range about $45-60, therefore I think it’s affordable for mostly everyone. So if you are in love with the shoes above but spending on a budget, why not try my alternative. What do you guys think?

Vans 2Vans 3VansVans 4



High Sneakers for male, yay or nay?

As I was watching through Fashion Police at E! earlier today, I came across this topic. I know this fashion has been around for decades since the early 90s wore by Hip Hop stars and Rappers, but in this decade, it took a more softer turn and everyone is wearing it, you could literally say every guy has a pair.




Celebrities are wearing them as well, from the famous boyband One Direction!


 Zayn (middle) and Niall (Corner Left) rocking out their sneakers even in a rather formal event!


Usher with a red sneakers!

Even females are wearing them!


What’s your take on these high wedges shoes? Do you like this trend? Should it stop? Or would you get one?

I wouldn’t deny having one, personally I love the high wedges shoes! In fact I sometimes even try to match my outfit with the shoes! Yup, check out my Nike down below.


What do you guys think of this style?