Geoffrey Beene

I found this brand not too long ago and I really like to share it with you guys.

Geoffrey Beene, the leading men’s apparel and accessories company whose net profits fund cancer research and offers head-to-toe dressing options that combine intelligent design, quality, style and value. What amaze me is the fact that they actually are doing a good cause to the world. I always believe that when someone is up there, we could give the less fortunate a helping hand.

Unique to the brand, 100% of net profits from Geoffrey Beene, LLC fund philanthropic causes that support innovative research with cutting edge focus on signature solutions to a host of medical, educational and societal issues. The Geoffrey Beene Cancer Research Center at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center was established in 2006. The total value in combined funding to date from Geoffrey Beene is approximately $132,000,000.

Let me not bore you with words, but link to videos you guys can see. LINK.

So I am actually in awe how much this brand really is doing something positive to the community. My wish is to follow the example set here.

What clothes do they sell you may ask?

Retailing in categories including dress and casual shirts, suits, neckwear, knitwear, loungewear, dress trousers and sports pants, accessories and eyewear, products are available nationwide at Macy’s, Belk, Bonton, Boscov’s and Men’s Wearhouse. At a reasonable price I may add.

A few look into what they have to offer.

There are a variety of products to get and you can buy them from here. LINK.

Why not help out for a cause and get some nice fashion in return? Cheers.


I’m a Contributor on Rakuten Essential

If you guys have notice, on the right of my page, there is something new in it.

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I recently became a contributor in Rakuten Essential. Even though it doesn’t seem like a big deal, but deeply I am grateful for it and was thrilled when they wanted me to.

Rakuten Essential is a platform by Rakuten that allows you to look through variety of posts based on categories. Like many fashion platform out there, one thing unique for Rakuten Essential is there would be a listing of products and pricing by the side of each posts to let you get what was blog in that particular post by Rakuten.


Like the picture above, it is categorize to: Style, Home, Food & Destination, Health etc. I honestly love looking through posts from different contributors and just have a better understanding to fashion itself. I know I have much to learn and definitely am still learning.

Check out my profile below. =D

Rakuten Essential

Link is (here).

Tell me how I can improve. I am still so happy that I am given this opportunity.


Shout Out Sunday!

I like to start something new. Let’s call it #SHOUTOUTSUNDAY. Basically, I look around for something I like, it could be a blog or a shoe or a brand, anything at all and I recommend it to you guys. I think this is a good way to showcase more about myself, what I brand I like, what I like to read or anything at all. Tell me if you guys think this idea is good or not.

I was on the web searching for stuff to write the other day and I found this interesting website. Yve Lifestyle is a nice place to read about the recent news and fashion. I must say I do not always have the latest update on fashion and I think that sharing some of the source to you guys may help you guys to be more up to date.


I like how Yve Lifestyle categorize their content nicely so reading is actually a breeze.

Yves 2

I am not going to lie, I love this page where they have most brands of Men Lookbooks. Why not have a look at it?

Link to Yves is (here)

If you have any stuff you want me to check out, do comment or email me directly at
I’d be happy to have a look and maybe share it with my readers.