Night Out 1

Ever question what to wear for a night out drinking with your friends? I find guys won’t usually give much thought into dressing for a night out. Usually it’s just a jeans and t-shirt or polo. For me, I would definitely consider what I wear especially for night activities. It won’t hurt putting a little bit more effort dressing to bars and clubs.

I suggest putting on a pair of chinos for a night. I admit it’s not easy to match and most of the time I’m figuring what shirt to match my colour chinos, but a black shirt or t-shirt seldom would go wrong.

Men Fashion Male Fashion

Shirt: Thrift Shop

Chinos: Topman

Belt: Mark&Spencer

Shoe: Thrift Shop

Watch: Calvin Klein

It’s amazing sometimes what thrift shop are able to offer. I was glad I went Bangkok earlier this year and got a look at some of the stuff in thrift shops. Surprisingly, it’s design are not bad at all and it’s cheap, therefore more quantity to get! I definitely recommend guys to check out thrift shop for cheap clothing once in a while. Hope I inspired you to wear something rather than t-shirt and jeans on nights out. What’s your opinion on it? There’s definitely more to come on these topics.


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